Complaint Policy

Town Office, Town of Livermore, MaineIt is the Town of Livermore Select Board’s policy to take all citizen complaints responsively and seriously, while simultaneously ensuring that staff do not spend undue time in receiving complaints. All complaints must be made at the Town Office, in writing (submitted in person, by US Mail, or by email) and signed by the person making the complaint. No complaints shall be discussed that do not adhere to this policy. This policy does not apply to verbal or telephone notifications of road, building or property issues, or emergencies.


A complaint form shall be utilized to obtain the person’s name, contact information, a brief description of the nature of the complaint and the person’s signature indicating that they concur with the complaint summary.


Employees are not expected to provide any hearing of the complaint at any point. Again, this would not apply to simple notifications of issues noted above, or to simple requests for information that staff members could easily provide. Employees are to take the limited time necessary only to ascertain the nature of the complaint for logging purposes. Citizens with non-employee concerns or complaints are invited to attend Select Board meetings to more fully explain the details; however, due to the nature of these business meetings, the Chair reserves the right to limit time for comments.


It is the Select Board’s policy that this will allow our limited staff resources the time necessary to fulfill priority work activities while still receiving complaints and referring them to the Select Board for consideration and possible action.


Complaint Form

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